Attack on Privacy and Freedom of Speech
Apr 20, 2023

Twitter Allowed Federal Agencies to Have Access to Private Messages

The unprecedented invasion of privacy continues its narrative. In Tucker Carlson’s interview, Twitter owner Elon Musk claimed that government agencies could access users’ private conversations. “The degree to which government agencies had full access to everything happening on Twitter blew my mind,” Musk told Carlson.
Moreover, limiting free speech was a common practice on the platform. According to Musk, under previous management, Twitter received guidance from federal agencies on what content should be prioritized, flagged, and banned. For example, “Twitter Files” revealed that the company’s previous management would prevent the spread of Hunter Biden’s laptop story.

The revealed truth that government agencies pushed social media censorship is no longer “shocking news” for society. Today, the government’s interest is limiting free speech and depriving people of privacy through social media enterprises. Deprivation of privacy is already turning our lives into a fiction novel, 1984, written by George Orwell. All popular social media platforms that grew and benefited greatly from freedom of expression actively impose unfair policies on online content, speech standards, and privacy. Doing so enables them to control our thoughts and destroy our freedom.

Many people no longer trust social media platforms as they do not wish to play by their rules. They are opponents of private data collection and suppression of speech expressions. People must invoke their rights, and Zyng serves that purpose. As the first private messenger app with unique architecture, Zyng gives users complete control of their data and private chats as it does not have a server.

In an open society, free speech does not need protection. Don’t let this principle float away.