Does Banning TikTok Solve The Security Issues? Nope!
Mar 23, 2023  ∙  3 min read

TikTok came out in 2016, and people have been hooked ever since. From the dalgona coffee challenge to teenage dance inspirations, TikTok has the most entertaining content that keeps everyone hooked. However, it has a dark side, just like other social media platforms, because users’ data isn’t safe.

While TikTok has faced criticism for handling user data and potential security risks, outright banning the app may not fully address these concerns. For instance, the head of the NSA stated that he is concerned about foreign influence operations being launched on TikTok. As a result, the bill was signed by the White House, which gave them the power to ban TikTok and other similar apps from China.

Shou Zi Chew, the chief executive of TikTok, was summoned by the U.S. Congress to answer questions about using Americans’ data and how it impacts the kids. Congress has the right to ban the apps that impact the users’ security, but why are they only hell-bent on grilling TikTok when they haven’t passed the basic privacy legislation?

Maybe because of the weak relationship with China? Or maybe the aggressive stance against China is the reason?

It is because every tech giant, including but not limited to WhatsApp and Facebook, uses and mines American consumers’ data. They are selling the user data to third parties, which puts a question mark on the priorities of the U.S. government. The U.S. government must pass legislation that binds the tech giants to stop mining and using consumer data.

In addition, the legislation must bind the tech giants to provide true privacy and security to their users, and they must be held accountable for the data they have always mined and used. According to the report launched by U.S.-Australian cybersecurity, TikTok obtains user data from cameras, microphones, SMS, and calls.

However, the main point is that it’s not only TikTok that’s collecting data as compared to the U.S. government that’s only grilling TikTok rather than focusing on other social media platforms based in the U.S. So, after all this, it’s evident that there is also a need for uniform legislation that stops every social media platform and tech giant from collecting and using the users’ data.

While we’re waiting for legislations, what is the solution for US people today?

Needless to say, the U.S. might take time to work on this legislation. Meanwhile, we are inviting you to invest your trust in private chat app like Zyng, as it’s not regulated by the government and has no servers to collect users’ data and or spy on them. 

Zyng is a private messenger equipped with the unique, one of the kind peer-to-peer technology that allows users to be in charge of  their communications, meaning only they can access their data. In addition, the patented technology promises zero chances of cyberattacks on the users!