Shazzle Is Now Zyng
Mar 1, 2023

Hello Everyone,

We are excited to announce our company is changing its name to Zyng!  With the new company name, we are also excited to launch the Zyng app, the new and improved version of ShazzleChat.  You will see the same features (Calls and Chats) plus new ones such as Email and the Conversations Viewing Tab.

We plan to launch the Beta version of Zyng in May 2023.  We invite you to join the Beta Launch.  It is available for both iOS and Android users.


To join the Zyng Beta Launch, click here and enter your email address where it says “Join Beta.”


To our loyal ShazzleChat users, thank you for helping us to support privacy all over the world! ShazzleChat was great, but we have been working hard on learning from our mistakes and improving our product, so we can bring a better version to users across the world.

Below are some questions and answers to provide clarity on the changes coming.


Does the company still have the same owners?

Yes.  The company is still owned by the Founder, Clifford Boyle.


Why did you change the name of the company to Zyng?

We want to make Zyng the #1 messaging app in the world and felt a different name would be more appealing to a wider audience.  After 3 months of market research and analysis, the name Zyng was chosen.


Why are you creating a new version of the app?

With the original ShazzleChat app, once we reached a critical mass of users, performance issues occurred.  After identifying the root cause of the performance issues, we decided to come out with a new version that can handle high amounts of users at any given time.


Can I continue to use ShazzleChat?

Yes, until the Zyng Beta is complete.  Once the Zyng Beta is complete and the app is ready for Official Launch, the ShazzleChat app will be decommissioned.


What is the date of the Zyng Beta Launch?

We are targeting to launch the Beta in May 2023.


What is the date of the Zyng Official Launch?

We are targeting to officially launch the app in October 2023.


Is the Zyng app private?

Yes.  The same peer-to-peer privacy that you enjoyed with ShazzleChat is remaining.  The mission of Zyng is the same as ShazzleChat, to bring true privacy to its users.