Ultimate Guide to Online Protection: Picking the Right VPN
Aug 23, 2023

Venturing online without a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is like leaving your house’s doors open. While not a catch-all solution, VPNs make you a less enticing target for cyber-attacks.

What’s a VPN?

Imagine a protective tunnel shielding your online data. This tunnel helps you hide from prying advertisers or keep cyber adversaries at bay on public Wi-Fi networks. However, be cautious – your VPN provider has insight into your browsing. Always opt for providers with independent security audits.

Our Top VPN Recommendations:

Mullvad VPN (€5/month)
After extensive evaluations, Mullvad remains trustworthy. Their genuine approach helps users elevate their privacy, for instance, by demonstrating how to disable WebRTC. Mullvad even accepts anonymous cash payments and is a staunch supporter of open-source apps. With robust speed and performance, it’s our daily go-to.

Surfshark VPN ($2.50-$4/month)
A stellar choice for bypassing geographical content restrictions and securing public Wi-Fi sessions. With consistently good speeds and features like a kill switch and multihop VPN, it’s a top contender. Note: Surfshark has now merged with NordVPN.

TunnelBear VPN ($3.33/month)
New to the VPN world? TunnelBear simplifies the experience without compromising on security. It balances strong features with user-friendly bear animations.

For maximum personal security, consider Tor over VPNs. While it offers unparalleled anonymity, it may compromise speed. A more complex solution, it’s ideal for high-risk situations.

Google One VPN
Although Google now offers a VPN, concerns arise from its past data collection behaviors. While speeds are decent, we suggest opting for more dedicated VPN services.

A free-to-use solution, ThunderVPN offers a simple user interface and decent speeds. However, its free model comes with limitations, and users should be wary of the privacy implications associated with free VPNs.

Other Mentions: ExpressVPN and NordVPN once received our nods, but shifts in company dynamics and user feedback have made us reconsider.

Our Selection Process:
Choosing a VPN isn’t solely about speed. We considered security, user-friendliness, payment options, connection stability, and slowdown occurrences. Trusted providers have been tested on multiple networks and audited by third parties.

Do You Need a VPN?

While they offer a protective layer, VPNs aren’t foolproof. They guard your data during transit and can camouflage your IP address. But remember, online safety is multifaceted.