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What is Zyng?

Zyng is a peer-to-peer messaging, calling, and email application. Its patented technology allows sending encrypted emails and texts without copying or storing them. Zyng uses no servers to transmit message content; all communications are private, just between the sender and receiver.

There are no servers; how does peer-to-peer privacy work?

Zyng connects users in a private internet path between their devices and allows them to deliver their own chats and emails. Zyng breaks messages into pieces and delivers them separately to maximize security so that no single path contains a readable message.

Who should use Zyng?
Everyone! But we see users who have: ● Concerns about the privacy of their communications ● Worried about sending sensitive, private information over the regular web ● Believes companies are tracking their data ● Thinks third parties will maliciously use their data.
Is the app free to use?
Yes, our consumer version is free to use because privacy should not come with a price tag.
How is it different from other messaging apps?
Many widely used text and messaging services copy every message you send onto their servers. Zyng is different because it doesn’t use servers to facilitate messages, chats, and emails between Zyng users. Messages only ever exist on the sender and recipient’s devices.
Have there been any hacks or data leaks?
No, there haven't been any incidents at Zyng. Because Zyng does not hold, see, transit, or persist messages so that Zyng could leak nothing.
Do I have to be connected to the internet or Wi-Fi to use Zyng app?
Yes, you must have an internet connection to send or receive Zyng email messages, texts, or calls.
If my phone gets lost/stolen, what should I do?
If your Zyng account is synced with a second device, you could sign in to the second device and de-sync the lost or stolen device. You can also add a PIN to your account to safeguard your data. Because Zyng does not hold any of your messages or data, we cannot restore any of your messages or data.
What do I do if I lose my device and don’t have a second device linked to my account?
Since Zyng does not hold any of your messages or data, we cannot restore any of your messages or data.
Can I be tracked using Zyng?
Zyng does not track your location.
Which of my devices can I use Zyng?
Zyng can be used on your mobile phone (iOS or Android) or desktop.
Can I call or text non-Zyng users?
No. You can only call or text other Zyng users.
Can I email non-Zyng users?
Yes. However, emails sent to non-Zyng recipients may not be private or secure since the recipient’s email host may store copies of received email on centralized servers.