Vetëm atë ZYNG
Prezantimi i platformës së parë të mesazheve Peer to Peer. Ju dhe marrësit tuaj, asgjë në mes.
Privatësia e vërtetë, Messenger i sigurt.
Privacy is our most basic and important freedom!
Privatësia e vërtetë, Messenger i sigurt.
This is why we vote in a booth and not in public.
Our thoughts are our own, and we are not responsible to anyone for them.
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No Copies. No Data Mining.
No copies of messages, other than your copy, and your receiver’s copy. No one else gets your mail, so no one can data mine it. No companies can profit off your personal information.
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Unlike other messaging platforms, we utilize a Peer to Peer Networking protocol. Your messages never touch a server. This is how we are actually private!
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Actually Private.
We strive to be the purest private messaging app in the market. We don’t receive any of the messaging content. A message is simply sent from the sender’s phone to the recipient’s phone. There is no cloud. There is no central server. This is pure, private messaging.
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Zyng is different
We do not store your communications because we don’t receive them, ever.
Our chat and mail products are free to use because privacy should not have a price.
Because we never receive your message, you don’t need to trust us. We don’t want you to trust us. Trust is not a fundamental freedom, privacy is.
We connect users in a private internet path between their devices and allow them to deliver their own chat, email, and calls. Viber, WhatsApp, and other services ask you to trust them to delete your messages once they deliver them (but what are they doing with the meta data?).
We never get your message. We allow you to deliver it yourself as easily as creating your message and pressing ‘send’.
Zyng is different from what you are using now.
We are taking privacy-first approach to connecting users across the world.
Emails, chats, calls ALL IN ZYNG Absolutely free
Individual and Group Messaging
Have private, secure messages with other Zyng users.
Serverless Email
Create a Zyng email address and send serverless email to other email addresses.
All in One
See all your emails, chats and calls with the user in a single thread.
Vanishing Messaging
Choose when your sent messages and emails are deleted from recipient devices.
Standard Email
Use your Zyng email address to email anyone however, this action is not private due to us not having control over third party email servers.
Audio and Video Calls
Call other Zyng users, both individually and in a group.
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Our users love us. You will too.
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