Cut the chaos

Take control of your social life

Meet ZYNG - the social planning app that combines events, group chats and calendar sharing to make organising plans simple. Automatically find dates that work, easily coordinate diaries and arrange plans with friends in seconds.

Plans. Calendars. Chats. In One.

Instantly find when you're all free to meet, automatically

Drinks, dinner or a trip – every plan has its own in-built chat

Share calendars with friends and easily control what they see

Every plan syncs straight to your calendar

It is really well designed! I couldn't believe how user-friendly it was! You must get this.
The app is super-slick and easy to use, and the smart scheduling has made arranging plans with my mates effortless.
ZYNG has found a distinct gap - plans, chats and calendars all at the same time.
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Make plans. Effortlessly.

Organise plans in seconds and fill in the details as they’re decided. No more organising plans on group chats or across several apps.

Every plan has its own chat and they all sync directly to your calendar. Instantly invite anyone, if they have the app or not.

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Find a time. Without hassle.

Let ZYNG instantly find the dates you’re all free for you. No more manual Doodle polls. No more “Sorry, I can’t do then. How about…”

ZYNG checks your existing calendars to instantly find when works. Organising brunch? ZYNG will find the next time you’re all free on a Saturday between 11am and 1pm. Sorted.

ZYNG App Video
ZYNG App Video

Availability. Made Simple.

Share your calendars with your BFFs so you can put plans (like ‘night out’) or reminders (like ‘Glastonbury tickets released’) straight in their calendar.

Don’t sweat, you can merge your existing calendars into ZYNG, so no need to start from scratch.

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